Tony Gumina

Tony Gumina

Tony_GuminaI was born in Baden, Switzerland. My family immigrated to the United States in 1973. My parents are both from Italy. My father being Sicilian and my mother being Calabrese. He worked as a Union electrician for many years then started his own electrical business here in Las Vegas and later became a restaurateur, opening the Sicilian restaurant. My mother raised four kids and then later worked with my father to open the family restaurant with her secret Italian recipes.  I also have three siblings who were raised and educated in Nevada.

I am married to my wife Heather and have two amazing overly energetic sons.  We had a rough start as many do in their relationships and as a result returned to our faith the past few years and having made God more a part of our lives we have worked on making a better life for our family.

I went to school in Las Vegas from elementary all the way through medical school.  (Bill Y Tomiyasu Elementary, Jo Mackey 6th Grade Center, Cannon Jr High, Valley High School, University Of Nevada Las Vegas, and University Nevada School of Medicine) I was proud of the education I received in the Nevada school system at the time but I am worried about my children’s future.

I did my medical residency program in Family Practice at UMC hospital and affiliated clinics.  I believe I had an amazing opportunity in learning in Las Vegas and practicing medicine here in my home town.  I have had my own office for almost twenty years and have been honored by those who have entrusted me with their health and I have done my best to care for them.

I served in th US NAVY as an enlisted Hospital Corpsman.  I enlisted in the NAVY Reserve but spent the majority of my resrve and active duty time with the 2nd Battalion 23rd Marines Infantry Unit as their FLEET MARINE FORCE CORPSMAN.  Serving with the MARINES is where I learned to respect and understand the importance of THE RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS.

I decided to enter the political arena after being frustrated with our current polititians and their lack of will to stand and make the difficult decisions to move our state and country in a better direction.  I would like to REFRESH Nevada and our country because I feel that our current polititians just want to keep up with the status quo.

I’ve lived in Nevada for the last 38 years. Today, I’m a proud husband, and father of two boys. Since becoming a father, I have more concern for Nevada and the direction of our country than ever before. Now, the future well-being of our children is precedent. That is why I am running for the United States Senate. 

I hope you will support me as I try to do my best for you all. I want to see you and hear from you because I do not have all the answers but am open to working with you and coming up with what is right.

Tony Gumina, MD