Instructions for Call Recordings

Live Person Message
This message will be played to a LIVE PERSON who answers the phone
and says “Hello” The message should direct the caller to “Press1” to be
connected to (YOU/VOICEMAIL) or “Press 2” to be removed from the list.

Answering Machine Message
This message will be left on an answering machine if we encounter one. This message usually
gives a phone number to call back or a website to visit for some information.

Unavailable to take call message
this is your Voicemail Box Greeting Message. After a
callerpresses 1 to be connected, you can transfer the call to a voicemail we provide,
instead of a phone number. After this message plays, the system will BEEP and begin
recording. (No Lenght Limit On This Message)

Intermittent Message – If turned on, this messageis played AFTER the person responds to
your “Live Person Message” by pressing 1. this message gives more detailed information
and once again allow the caller to press 1 (a second time) to connected to (you/voicemail)
or press 2 to be removed from the list. This message typically serves as an additional filter
to qualify the caller before they are finally transferred to you. (No Lenght Limit On This Message )

The outbound message is the most important factor in the success or failure of your campaign. Contrary to what many believe, we have found the most successful messages are spoken in a conversational voice as opposed to a professional “announcers voice” .